Me with glass, lobster claws, Disneyside event, Disneyland, Los Angeles, CA, USA on Flickr.
Pussy coin-open amusement, Carter’s Steam Fair, Clissold Park, Stoke Newington, London, UK on Flickr.

Group kids’ shot at Carousel, Bats Day in the Fun Park 8, Disneyland, California  058.jpg on Flickr.
Sign in King’s Cross, translation, “Jam yesterday, jam tomorrow — no jam today” on Flickr.

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Carousel of Progress, Walt Disney World, Orlando, Florida on Flickr.

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Original Ultima Online map (the game only shipped with the top-left corner), Sony Online Entertainment, San Diego on Flickr.
Spider Jerusalem cosplayer, PenguiCon, Novi, MI on Flickr.
Faith healing sign, Mr Toad’s Wild Ride, Disneyland on Flickr.
untitled by quinnums on Flickr.VOTE YES AND DON’T BE A SHITEBAG

untitled by quinnums on Flickr.


Referendum day. The Sun’s “Better Together” headline is about Price Harry getting back with his ex. by genmon on Flickr.

Spy-gadget photos from Berlin’s Stasi museum [2013]

Egor Egorov visited Berlin’s Stasi Museum and extensively photographed its collection of spy-gadgets from the Cold War (like the squeeze-bulb-operated jacket-button camera above). They’re great photos, and at an impressively high resolution.

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Grumpy cat wants a gnu Internet [2013]

Hugh sez, “EFF’r Parker Higgins tells me this sign was at a rally he spoke at in Berlin recently.”

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Terms and Conditions May Apply: documentary about abusive license terms, privacy and surveillance [2013]

Cullen Hoback’s documentary “Terms and Conditions May Apply” is a scathing look at the abusive, lengthy fine-print that dominates our online lives. If the YouTube trailer and the non-embeddable Guardian trailer are representative, this is an important and timely film. I do quibble with one point — the movie doesn’t distinguish between the stupid license agreements that are a function of a stupid law (for example, requiring LinkedIn users to license the stuff they give to LinkedIn so that LinkedIn can display it) and the ones that are pure greed and venality (AT&T making you agree to extrajudicial wiretapping).

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Knoll photographer [2013]

Wired profiles Jim Golden, a commercial photographer who has a side project producing beautifully lit, wonderful shots of carefully knolled everyday items, from guitars to beach detritus.

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